At Anselux LLC we use our expertise in Microsoft technologies and leverage our partnership with Microsoft to provide our customers with cost effective end-to-end custom software solutions and consulting services.

We recognize the importance of the correct design and architecture of a software solution and so we carefully listen to our customers so that we can understand the problem they are trying to solve. Armed with this knowledge we can then work with them to create the best design and architecture to solve their software needs.

At Anselux we realize that to create a rock solid software solution, we need to have a QA/Test solution. So every development solution we provide our customer is put through some rigorous testing to ensure that the solution is free of defects/bugs. We carry out the following tests on our solutions Unit testing Functional testing, Components Integration testing, Security testing, Performance testing, End-to-End integration testing.

Desktop and Web Application Development

  • Creation of data driven Web sites\Web Application
  • Maintenance of existing Web Sites\Web Application
  • SharePoint application development
  • Silverlight application development

Database and ETL Applications

  • SQL Server database application design and development
  • Database ETL solutions using SSIS
  • SQL Server Analysis and Reporting solution using SSRS and SSAS

Mobile Application development

  • Developing applications for mobile devices
    (Smartphones and Tablets).
  • Using JQuery Mobile and Phonegap to create
    applications that can be deployed across mobile
    devices (IPhone, Android and Windows devices).

Software Application Testing and Maintenance

  • Maintenance, Enhancements and Support of existing Web application
  • Maintenance and Support of existing Desktop applications
  • Support for COTS application integrations into an enterprise process.

Ecommerce and Storefront Applications

  • Design and development of Ecommerce application
  • Design and development of Storefront application
  • Designing and developing Ecommerce Modules for use in both Web and Desktop applications

Cloud and Middleware components development

  • Middle Tier framework design and development
  • ASP.Net and WCF web services solution
  • WCF Web Services and RESTful WCF web services solution
  • Windows Azure cloud services solution design and development

Social Media application development

  • Architect a social media campaign for businesses
  • Create a social media presence for businesses.